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I am waiting for the 5th phone, the other 4 never worked for more than a few hours. One even failed in the first 15 minutes.

I keep getting the Run-A-Round from Sprint who I assume is the provider. They keep saying the ANS UL40 will be replaced in 2019

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It is 1/16/2019 I received the 5th replacement UL40 phone yesterday. Got it to work for 14 hours then it wouldn't turn on.

So I called tech support 2 times, spent and hour. They are shipping phone #6. They said they know this is a terrible phone, but for California customers, this is all they have. Hopefully by the first week in February they will have a replacement.

I will not stop, I will keep on them even though they want me to find another wireless carrier that provides this service.

If I do, I have to pay for a different phone. It is there failure and responsibility, but they want me to pay someone else.

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