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I recently contacted customer service regarding a failed battery on my Unimax U673C Phone. I did not want to call because I have had difficulty communicating even things as simple as buying minutes etc. There was not a replacement battery available for purchase anywhere online so I had no choice but calling. After an hour of hassle, being transferred, and being place on hold over and over I was finally sent a replacement phone NAS UL40. This phone’s firmware is problematic out of the box. Also, the screen is not clear, is difficult to read with smaller font, the buttons are difficult. I was sent an ANS replacement before that failed in a week. At that time I was told by Assurance Wireless that the ANS UL40 was a defective model that was being discontinued.

I tried again to explain that I did not want this phone in the first place and once again found it impossible to communicate, even after explaining myself over and over.

Again, I just needed a replacement BATTTERY or U673C phone if that’s what it takes for my existing Unimax U673C. It is obvious that Assurance Wireless is pushing the ANS UL40 now as a replacement to get rid of them, and everyone has problems with them. I want a replacement battery/phone Unimax U673C. I will return the ANS UL40 when I receive it.

I must say, I have read many recent reviews regarding Assurance customer service and the ANS phone, all negative. Assurance wireless phone center agents can be sarcastic, manipulative, insulting and sometimes try to frustrate the customer. Everyone knows that Lifeline is not a free service from Assurance Wireless. Assurance Wireless is paid big money by the U.S. Federal Government with our tax dollars to provide the service. It’s time Assurance customer service reflects that when dealing with it’s customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Complete agreement ! Very. Much had the same experiences

Aaron Secor

I have your ANS UL40, I've had 3 of these phones so far and now I am having to request yet another replacement... Big surprise, I know right!

I have found that I get much much better results if I just send an Email rather than trying to call and state that my letter should be immediately forwarded to a SUPERVISOR! My experience with this device goes a little something like this... It works great for about 2 months and then the battery keeps discharging faster and faster each day it seems like. Next thing I know the charging port gradually gets looser and I have to wiggle the cord around a bit to find the right spot to get it to take a charge.

If the phone gets bumped or the cord decides to settle with the effects of gravity or whatever the reason may be, the battery will actually drain while plugged in! Now I have to let the phone completely die again before it will begin to take a charge. After a week of struggling to charge my phone, now it doesn't want to turn on anymore. I can get it to power on for a couple of minutes by plugging it in for a couple seconds and pressing the power button once the phone indicates it is charging, but it turns itself right back off again without warning only a couple moments later...

The software on the device seems to run fairly smoothly for being a generic low end device but seems to have some major hardware failure issues! The Assurance customer service team is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine... Each time I have called, I am told to factory reset the device and I have to try to explain in more detail in order to get the telephone representatives to understand that the device will not stay powered on long enough to perform the factory reset and also try to explain the fact that factory resetting the device does not, cannot, and will not repair hardware failure... 20 minutes into explaining everything, I am told that I am not eligible for a replacement device due to another recent replacement and then they go on and on about how I can only get a replacement phone once every 6 months or once a year...

At this point I end up spending probably another 20 minutes trying to get them to understand that I am requesting a replacement under the device manufacturers warranty and not due to negligence or any fault on my part...

When I finally get tired of arguing with the representative and trying to explain the issues to someone who seems to barely speak or understand basic English, I then have requested to speak to a supervisor or whoever is the highest ranking person available in their call center at the moment, and they are basically just trying to make excuses as to why I am unable to speak to someone else who may be of authority and more knowledgeable about handling a warranty replacement, rather than just someone reading a script from a computer screen that just shows how to talk a customer through the process of how I can perform the factory reset! Typically things get resolved within 2 or 3 emails back and forth over a couple day period before I finally get approved for a replacement which typically arrives within 3 or 4 days via a parcel service like UPS or FedEx!


I have had the exact SAME ISSUES and MULTIPLE Times with the phones mentioned and Assurance LACK OF WORKING PHONES. I submit that ASSURANCE Wireless is only interested in dumping inferior quality phones for which the taxpayer ( through universal phone charges etc ) is bilked TOP dollar.

Assurance knows it, but does the parent company VIRGIN MOBILE know what *** this smears on their brand name for quality/value for the common man. Let Richard Branson know !

Peter White

I have had the very same problems - I got a replacement ANS cell phone in August, and BARELY ONE MONTH LATER, IT GOT JAMMED AND BECAME INOPERABLE. So I called, and demanded a replacement ( MY CELL PHONE I-S MY LIFELINE, AS I AM POOR AND LIVING IN A HOMELESS SHELTER IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA).

Guess what they sent me ? The exact same ANS MODEL PHONE ! I've had it for about two weeks now, and I am VERY NERVOUS USING IT. It also began to GET WARM - A BAD SIGN FOR FUTURE EXPLOSIONS (as a lot of us have read in the Internet !).

Assurancewireless (which I have had for about four or five years now) IS GOING DOWNHILL. They are "smug" or unable to speak clear English when I call whichever of their seven different customer service locations (all in the Third World or the Bahamas somewhere - who KNOWS ! !) I have already begun looking at STANDUPWIRELESS.COM, which offers a much better Obama-free-type cell phone, but they only give you ONE GIGABYTE, and you can ONLY BUY ADDITIONAL MINUTES THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE .... get this ..

at $15.95 per GB ! Another RIP OFF ! So, for now, I'll NERVOUSLY STICK WITH THIS CRUMMY PIECE OF CRAP KNOW AS " ANS ". Advice ?

Switch to another cell phone provider when you can . .

. as I will eventually !

Peter Me !

I am having the VERY SAME PROBLEMS with my UnimaxU673C cell phone. My battery continues to drain and NOT CHARGE - so they are sending me a replacement phone UNDER MY WARRANTY ( I bought my Unimax last October 2017 for $25.00 through

YOU GUESSED IT !! They are sending me a ANS-UL40 ! Yikes ! I can only hope that I might get lucky and have better luck than the other reviewer on this site ! Customer Service Reps are located SOMEWHERE in the low-cost/cheap labor THIRD WORLD - and they don't speak ENGLISH CLEARLY ! I often have to say "What ? What ? I don't understand you !

" That's what you get (apparently) with FREE OBAMA CELL PHONE SERVICE ! Not good, peoplee !1


I am a social service coordinator in a retirement community (HUD). The majority of my residents are over 80 years old and have medical problems.

Their Lifeline phones are the only way to get in touch with their doctors or call someone in the case of an emergency. The Lifeline program IS a government funded program but have asked Assurance employees where they are calling from..."the Philippines!" Communication is mostly impossible especially for an older individual with a hearing deficit on top of the language barrier and obviously under trained. Anyone calling should expect to be transferred at least three times.I have recently had several clients sent replacement ANS phones. The batteries become very hot when charging, and as of today their ANS phone became SO hot, the back cover cracked.The community I serve NEED this program.

They are retired citizens, many are Veterans, that have paid taxes all their lives. Why can't this program be user friendly?

I understand it cost less to run this program out of the Philippines, BUT for Goodness sake's, there are so many areas in America that need these jobs. At least the language barrier would be eliminated.

to Anonymous #1527344

The last two phones, I've gotten from them, get extremely hot. It concerns me that someone is going to get hurt.

I know they are supposed to help low income senior citizens, which I am, but this is not right. I also can hardly see the buttons, it is so tiny. And I always have to reset it to text. They are asking me to re-certify, but I'm looking for another company.

That has not gone well as this site attests, from all of the complaints about government paid cell phones. I try not to use the one, I have, anymore than I need to.

to sonship_quality #1560450

I have had THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM AS YOU - and they "even" told me yesterday that that just might end up sending me "another ANS Cell phone " ! Whaaaaaaaaattt ????

I liked my UNIMAX673C . You can buy one at Wal-Mart ONLINE, REFURBISHED, for around $30.00 - but why should I have to shell out even more money for the same thing ? That defeats the "purpose" of having an OBAMA FREE CELL PHONE.

Yeah - "free alright". And yes - MY PHONE ALSO GETS HOT !

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