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This was a replacement for another equally awful free phone, a coolpad 33a, which *** out in @ 4 months. Or maybe it replaced the ZTE quest - another terrible experience.

This ANS ul40 worked ok for a couple months. Then it stopped ringing. Occasionally it would ring, but not when messages or phone calls came in. I could call out and access WiFi.

Otherwise, nothing. I’ve had the phone for @ 4 months and now it does not turn on. Stopped completely. Cannot remove the battery.

Total piece of crap.

I may have to buy a phone that works with this free service. Did that a few years ago and was perfectly happy with a $15 Kyocera flip phone for years.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Phone that works well.

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Found the same symptoms on my ANS UL40. 1st one lasted about 4 months.

Replacement didn't last 2 weeks and now they are going to send me another.

I tried to request a different phone with no luck. "What should I expect for free"!


I have returned three of these phones and am on my fourth. I was told by 'customer service' that if I returned another one I would never get another phone.

It is not my fault that they phones are faulty.

I only changed from the phone I had for years (VM branded LG Rumor Touch) because I was told I needed more smart phone capability. I wish there was a list or posting somewhere that let people know what phones they could buy themselves that they could use with Assurance Wireless instead of being put at the mercy of these pieces of probably recalled phones.

Aaron Secor

How do you get to a $250 monetary loss over a FREE phone?


happy to find out I haven't been doing anything wrong, it's just a very poor quality phone.



to Anonymous #1555312

I hate ignorant, condescending, tone deaf statements like yours. Whether the services and phones are free or paid, there's no excuse for *** poor customer service and products.

On top of that, it's not truly free if it's taxpayer-funded. Not that you care, but many who are consumers of Lifeline services are not as "entitled" and "lazy" as you may think. Most of them are down on their luck, lower class citizens, elderly and disabled people who are on fixed incomes, and even homeless individuals. No one is demanding top of the line service or fancy products, but something that is adequate and effective.

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of customers experiencing technical difficulties with their phones and services. The ratings and reviews on this site tell the story. There's a problem when a unit cannot even perform its primary job/function properly. The fault lies on the company and manufacturers, not the consumers who use the phones.

Most of the complaints are valid and where there's smoke there's fire. Too many people like you are too quick to judge and have a superiority complex, which is far too common and partly explains why society is the way it is.

to ForcefulBedlingtonTerrier154 #1580049

+-I'm retired and living on SS, having a phone that works is very important to me. I'm on my 3rd Assurance wireless phone that doesn't work.


Of all the Assurance Wireless phones I've had, the ANS # 40 is the worst. A total piece of garbage.

It overheats very rapidly, freezes, does not respond, can't send texts or emails, very difficult to make and receive calls. The ringer keeps going out, apps not responding, Can't clear data and cache from apps because settings keeps freezing. It reboots itself and shuts down, my wallpaper keeps disappearing, it won't charge at times, apps are not responding or crashing, can't add new apps because Google Play Store is not responding, chrome isn't responding, I'm unable to scroll up or down because the screen keeps freezing. It takes almost 30 seconds to shut down or restart.

It's difficult to unlock due to non response, home and back buttons will not respond. All in all, this is the worst phone out there.

I'd like to have my friend take it out to the desert and use it for target practice with his new rifle and blow it to pieces! I actually heard it was discontinued.

to Mike V #1556405

I hate this phone, they have sent me 3 of them and I don't mind paying for an actual phone but 3 people have told me the ANS is the ONLY phone that works and 2 says I can buy one on their website but I am afraid to spend that type of money and not have the phone work, especially for a refurbished phone. This phone is slow, does NOT hold a charge even when I don't use for 7 hours it still dies on me, it is slow, and cannot have any type of speed when I am texting or dialing a phone number, this is honestly the worse phone I have had, I like that I have to only pay 15$ for unlimited instead of 51$ so I appreciate that, I just cannot stand the phone and there seems to be no organization for the customer service department, and there are no clear answers.

wish I could get somene that I could understand and that could understand me, I am not being racist or mean I am simply stating that they cannot understand me as much as I cannot understand them, anything about race or their heritage. just saying!


I received the first ANS UL40 about 2 weeks ago. It's supposed to be the replacement for the previous cell phone, which I was stuck with for years.

That one could only be used when plugged in, because it over-heated within a minute of phone talk. This replacement, the ANS UL40 #1, got so hot within 3 minutes of use, it's not touchable, let alone usable for talking by phone. It, too, discharges almost immediately. Could it be it has a Kyocera battery?

Assurance Wireless Customer service was responsive, very helpful. They sent a replacement for the ANS UL40 #1. It is also an ANS UL40. They're both going back, not wasting my time and patience on this item.

Time to research alternatives.

Glad to see this is a basically "known" issue or common experience. Affirms for me just how much Assurance Wireless values this customer base.

to L. S. R. 95928 #1548545

same problems. I would gladly buy a better phone but can't get any answers as to what will work.

to L. S. R. 95928 #1579627

You should try QLINK their phones are pretty decent and it is the same process as getting assurance, the phone I got was a htc it was very nice until my kid dropped it in the toilet then of course it didn't work no more and they charge 25 dollars for a replacement and you may not get the same phone

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