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This phone regularly crashes and only holds a charge for about an hour at best. This is the second unit I've received.

It's a true piece of junk, as can be testified to by the numerous complaints about it. Worst of all, Assurance will only send out this phone while generously offering to sell you a better phone for about $70 or more! It's quite odd that they don't provide a decent phone to all of The Limited income people who qualify for one.

They used to do a much better job letting you get replacement phones from eBay, now they don't guarantee that anything you buy from someone else will work on their Network. A really strange claim since they are part of Sprint!

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Replacement.

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Write to richard Branson in London or necker island. If he knew of what company has become, he’ll probably get on it.

I have had horrible experiences myself. I’m now on my fourth phone. I think the others are refurbished phones. Without a SIM card, it’s very irritating.

Thank you very much. Tra lee la.

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