Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Replacement Reviews

One, when I reported my phone stolen they never sent a new one to replace it and kept giving excuses.So I bought one off amazon. Second, my service was cut off abruptly because they said that I have moved out of state and have to reapply with all the info as before, but the thing is I have never moved since I got this phone. and they say there is no recourse, even if it wasnt my fault. How can they truthfully say my stuff was cut off because of...
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I have been with Assurance Wireless for over three years. Then the new smartphone came out. So I apply for one then they sent me another Basic Phone. Nothing was wrong with the old one. So I call them up and got a smartphone. I couldn't answer the phone or get data. When I call them for or exchange this phone for new. She told me she couldn't, because I already got a replacement for the year. Now when I try to apply they are giving me the...
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