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The incompetance of this company can only be compared to the obama administration. FAILURE! I now have no way to be in contact with anyone. So if assurance wireless is so worry free. Why did i have to recertify the last 5 months and still no service. When i call the 1 888 and more 8s nobody will let me speak to manager or supervisor. And every person is a foriegner. Im on ssi ssd food stamps low housing and verified at least 6 times in 5...
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It seems like every few months my service is getting cut off.Tonight it happened around 9pm PST when I was responding to a text that a friend of mine sent. This has happened before, and all to often. After calling the service support and spending horrendous amounts of wait time on hold I finally got an agent who told me that their system just works that way--you have service, then you get a warning about either a text was not sent because of a...
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