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I got this service three years ago and started out on Zte phone but now have Ans UL40. Both phones are *** Can't perform basic functions like ringing for calls and texts,calls out randomly to my contacts in phone book without prompting it, overheats when it is turned on, and now won't allow charging to occur and is unusable even plugged in.

No space in memory for anything and can't open space by moving apps or pictures or anything to memory card because it won't allow it. Bluetooth comes on and won't turn off when I try turning it off. My list goes on and on........ Customer service is unhelpful if you get them to pick up, emailing them directly is pointless because they request you call in but HOW when phone isn't functional.

Consulting lawsuit lawyer about what can be done about it, if class action is possible against company, I will update with info on how to join the class action for those who have been affected by poor devices and customer service from Assurance Wireless.

Company's only assurance is you'll be screwed by using them as your carrier service. No customer should ever be called a lair and for those who have, I know its true because I was called a lair by their agent too.

Time for this company to get a wake up call! Universal Lifeline will be contacted and informed as well about its choice in doing business with such a sh***y excuse for a company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zte Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Àssured they will get sued for violating my religious belief. By them controlling my phone & pulling up web addresses that violate my beliefs.

I informed them and their response was i did it myself. What i will do myself is sue them.

I hope Alexa recorded the conversation by mistake. Because Assurance will delete it.


I would definitely like to be part of the class action law suit this company is a joke


Just wondering without a working usable phone how Assurance Wireless plans on contacting me to resolve???! Phone won't take a battery charge or stay on while plugged in!

If phone isn't on plugged in or will take a charge to stay on, I can't be reached! Exceptional service with this company!

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