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In STL Assurance is handing out "defective/damaged" Government cell phones. When I called customer serv.

to complain about very, very slow data & daily screen crashes I got a Wfemale who stated I could only get a "refurbished" replacement. Then I inquired about a new cell, was told I could buy a $27 Unimax 673. We're being forced to BUY a new one or cancel the contract, what a SCAM. Incidentally, most of the help speaks very broken English.

Don't waste your time or money!

The Sprint network reception is surprisingly good , everything else is messy and you can't replace the ZTE with a tracfone. Go with Safelink Wireless instead, or Tempo Wireless, avoid ZTE phones.

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My cell phone compleatly froze up...I can't even shut it off I can't call out..What's the deal?My phone # is 330-951-8600


The ZTE phone they use on Assurance Wireless is pretty horrific. Not enough memory for any decent apps, esp.

social media, and bad cameras. You need a decent camera to be able to make instant deposits through banks since you need to take a photo of the check, and it needs to have a flash. Also, you need the camera to be able to scan product codes and other codes as well.

It's not just for high school girls anymore.If you pay $25, you can get a UMX or ANS phone that is substantially better, with more memory and storage, plus, more importantly, newer Android OS's. The camera will still suck, but for the small price the incremental difference is tolerable.


Yes, this post is accurate: the Assurance Wireless service is poor; the phone is trash; and the techs speak broken English with foreign accents.


Same with me my phone crashes my ZTE every time I open an app in my phone. If I ever had to call 9-1-1 emergency number I could never do it because my phone keeps crashing I called like you did and they told me the same thing about the unimax phone I think I'm just going to go to SafeLink because they let me bring my old phone which is a Samsung Galaxy which Assurance Wireless surprisingly don't carry unless it's their phone everyone please if they offer you a smartphone do not take it from Assurance Wireless it does not work thank you

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