My name is Dorothy Hayes and I called on behalf of my mother-n-law Mrs. Otis Nell Lee the first time I talked with someone I explain to them that my mother-n-law didn't receive her phone so she told me the phone was activated but she was going to deactivate that phone and she will send her a replacement phone within 5 to 10 business days and when she get the replacement phone to call back so that she can activate the phone for her well it's been over a month and she still have not received the replacement phone.

I called today and spoke to someone she said her name was Jane and I was trying to explain to her that my mother-n-law never received her replacement phone but she was telling me that the phone got delivered on Sept. 24 and was activated on the same day so she went on telling me that in order for her to get another replacement phone she need to pay $25 and that's when I asked to speak to her what was her supervisor name and she told me she couldn't give me that info so I asked to be connected she asked me what is the reason for the connection then she hanged up the phone.

I called back and spoke with Mr. John and explain to him the same thing and he to told me she needed to pay $25 for a replacement phone but I told him she never received the replacement phone and I asked him to connect me to the supervisor but he wouldn't he placed me on hold and came back telling me that the supervisor was reviewing the case and he will call me back within 2 hours and that's when he really broke it down for that a replacement phone never got sent out because she need to pay $25 first.

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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