This phone is really fast. It can play any game out there in the google play store and also has a top of the line cpu that can handle any task, almost in par with a high end server cpu. The screen is really nice almost like a top notch oled screen that you can find in a 1000 dollar smartphone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Im no techie but ans phone taken into CPR for help the experts said ths little phone is good for phone calls +maybe camera only you must get a better phone + pay for low cost plan even tho govt ok for poverty assist


What is wrong with you??? What pills did you pop this morning???


Are you high on drugs? The CPU is worthless as it overheats profusely, and the screen is pure trash, that is if you are lucky enough to type correctly, as well as the phone constantly downloading unauthorized software without your consent.

The RAM is 899 MB, of which 95+% is always used.

Its an android kit kat quality phone with 7.0 loosely thrown on it. Its like taking a windows 98 PC and tossing windows 10 on it expecting it to work properly.

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