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My mobile phone was not working properly. I contacted Assurance Wireless through e-mail.

They suggested that I remove the battery and reinstall and if that did not work request a new phone. I did not try removing the battery because if it did not work I may not be able to use the phone at all. I e-mailed back and requested a replacement phone.Go I was told to put $5 in my account to cover shipping. I did and after that they are now sending a phone.

I have no problem with Assurance. The whole process went smoothly.

I have a free Obama phone without any monthly bill. So I am grateful with what I have.

Leonard V

User's recommendation: No problems with Assurance Wireless.

Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania

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12/29 20 @ 12:30 pm. I am a 77 year old woman weighing 123 # who is new to cell phones.

I received the UMX U693CLand could not get it to open. It keep saying to PUSH DOWN ON THE SCREEN AND SWIPE UP. WHICH I . I keep trying to get the phone to open and I think it to have been a defective phone to begin with.

(I also tried to get a protector for the phone and lots of luck with that. Even the .99 and Dollar tree did not have them and they were my last resort after BB, Wal, and 3 other random stores. Anyway within a WEEK I pushed down on the screen and it literally shattered. It did not break out it just literally shattered.

I could not believe it. I called and asked for a replacement phone. Unlike the previous comment I was asked if I dropped the phone and I did not and was honest and told them what happened. I certainly am not POP EYE the sailor and at my age I doubt if you paid me to do a number of the face of this phone I would be able to shatter it.

The CS REP tells me I have to pay a $25 dollar fee to get a replacement phone. I refused and told them if I have to get a replacement phone I will either get it for free or go out and buy my own phone not a refurbished piece of junk. I have made 6 phone calls trying to get this situation remedied. I finally got a CS Rep that said he would see what he could do but no promises.

At first I was gung ho on the service and free phone however if they do not replace for free I will be very suspicious of this being a way to get $$$ for a cheap refurbished. Will keep you posted as with YELP.

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