Complaint Summary: recently obtained lifeline cellphone service with Assurance. They terminated the service stating I switched to another provider. I did not request the switch and per California Lifeline procedures, I contacted Assurance, stating that I did not request the switch and they were to switch the service back. But the request was denied and then ignored.

I then requested instructions on what I needed to do to get my cell phone service back which included contacting osac, terminating service with other provider and re-applying for lifeline service with Assurance wireless.

Upon completing all of these requirements and providing proof of having done so, I was then told that my application was denied for switching to another service provider.

I then requested to speak with a supervisor and to have this issue escalated only to have all 9 requests ignored.

I had attached all documentation verifying procedures from california lifeline were not followed, that service with other provider was terminated, I have retained all correspondence between myself and Assurance Customer Care showing the numerous requests for supervisor and escalation as well as the lack of response, I have retained my application id's and verificatons of applications received as well as Customer Care denying the application I was told to complete. Most recently, I had attached my approval letter dated september 26, 2013 indicating I have in fact been approved for the service that I am being told I was denied for. And finally, the approval letter indicates I should have received my free phone 10 days from september 26, 2013 and I have not received anything to date, and of course Customer Care will only tell me that the application is still under review yet you can see, I already have my phone number.

Most recently I was put in contact with Sprint Prepaid Executive Dept and spoke with a Veronica at 1-877-291-5717. and was given a case number of #XXXXXX. But upon hearing about my ability to get in contact with upper management, OurTeamAssurance Customer Care has started emailing me again but just as before, they have already attempted to confuse the situation by emailing me an entirely different case number: XXXXXX. And then after revealing all of this information to me, as an afterthought, they then ask me to verify my phone number, pin and secret question/answer as if they hadnt already divulged my private information. I have obtained all of the information above without once having to verify my identity OurTeamAssurance Customer Care.

I was approved and obtained lifeline cell phone service with Assurance Wireless at the end of july, beginning of august 2013. On September 10, 2013, I received a notice from the California Lifeline program indicating I requested to be switched from service provider Assurance Wireless to Nexus Communications. The letter also stated that if I did not request the change, I was to contact Assurance Wireless at 888-321-5880 and ask to be switched back. I then received a notice from Assurance wireless on Sept 13, 2013 indicating my service was going to be terminated.

I then contacted Assurance wireless on September 15th 2013, indicating I did not want my service terminated or switched, I explained to customer care that the switch was unauthorized and per California Lifelines instructions, I am requesting the service be switched back.

On September 17, 2013, OurTeamAssurance responded as follows but ignored my request to have the service switched back:

“After reviewing our records, we confirmed that your Assurance Wireless service was not approved because you have been transferred to another carrier. We definitely suggest that you contact the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) Group  at 866-706-2187. Once you get in contact with them, will be receiving the correct information about it.”

On September 18,2013, OurTeamAssurance repeated the above response and again ignored my request to have the service switched back per California Lifeline Instructions.

On September 19,2013, OurTeamAssurance again repeated the above response but then added that I now needed to re-apply with assurance if I wanted my service back.

On September 20,2013, I provided documentation to OurTeamAssurance (see attached letter nexus.pdf) indicating lifeline account associated with nexus is now terminated.

On September 20,2013 I faxed new application and documentation to Assurance Wireless

On September 23,2013, OurTeamAssurance confirmed that my fax and documentation was received. And that it would take a couple of weeks to process. Refer to application ID:

On September 24,2013, OurTeamAssurance sent the following email:

“We reviewed our records and we noticed that your application has been denied because you have been transferred to another carrier. You will be receiving a letter in the mail indicating the denial reason along with another application to apply for the service. If you still want Assurance Wireless service, please fill out and return the application.”

It was at this point that I also began requesting to speak with a supervisor only to be completely ignored.

From September 24,2013 to present, I have requested to speak with a supervisor/manager and/or to have my issue escalated well over 10 times through email correspondence with OurTeamAssurance. Again, all of these requests were ignored.

On September 26,2013 I received the notice of approval from Assurance Wireless indicating I have been approved for the new phone and lifeline service- I received my new telephone number, pin and secret question and answer. It then indicated that I would be receiving my phone within 10 days.

On September 30,2013 I found the email address experience@assurancewireless.com. I emailed them requesting assistance with my phone issues.

On October 1,2013 I received a response back and sent a summary of my current issues with Assurance wireless to a XXXXXXXX, at boostmobile.com, who stated he would forward my email accordingly.

On October 2, 2013 I received a phone call from a XXXXXX with Sprint prepaid executive offices at 877-291-5717 and was given a case number XXXXXX and was told she would be investigating my issues, could only see that my current application is still under review and when she found something out, she would be in contact with me.

On October 6, 2013 I received an email from Assurance wireless titled “notice of account change” which inquired about if I had received my new phone yet, what I would need for activation and how to activate it.


Monetary Loss: $565.

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