East Amwell Township, New Jersey
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I applied for assurance wireless in 2011 hence the application process was difficult but it is a free phone so i didn't want to make waves..however for the 2013 application after 3 months of not recieving a deny or acceptance letter i did call and emailed several times in all of these contacts by phone each representative contracdicted what was said by previous rep...i was told that someone was using my address for a phone...they requested another recertification with proof of income in my case(ssi) and a award letter from the food stamp program from my county was sent to them certified with the hopes i wouldnt once again get lost in the shuffle, again they didnt send a deny or acceptance letter please take note: accusations of someone else using my address were only made by reps and not put in writing so i could defend the accusations!! i will attempt one more phone call i live in a remote area and the reception of phone was less than fair but i needed it for drs visits etc...i am inclined to believe they want recipients such as myself to pay the 10cents a minute for calls.....if anyone has any suggestions as what to do if anything i am open to it...

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