all the negative reviews are correct .crap phone and service and not worth free. i have an old virgin mobile flip phone[same co] that i pay 40 a mo for .they wont activate it to life line.

i pretty much will just write the phone off as i tried....

the phone will not let you tether the wi fi hot spot to a desk top.

im just gonna not use it then lose it.

the other lifeline companies im looking into have similiar problems.not compatible with thiis or that etc etc.

im just going to keep my flip phone till it gets shut off or breaks and pay the 40 a month.

eventually i will just do w out a phone period!

all the phone and internet carriers are really gouging people no matter who or what you have..

im on ssdi and im going to see if i can get an att and t landline instead. ill prob get rejected because im not on ssi and i dont get food stamps.crap......

evevrything is too complicated now adays.EVERYTHING!

nothing is universal!

our society is making things this way just because they can and its all brought to you by coroporate parasites that wont ever go away.

new and improved is usually always worse and more complicated no matter what it is.

im happy im old and tired and wont be around much longer,this way i wont have to see the worst of the world falling apart .

i cant reccomend getting this phone unless you like frustration and useless news pop ups ad,s stupid games etc.

i cant recc a smart phone period!x

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Phone Service.

Location: Santa Ana, California

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