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Phone worked for about a week then gradually stopped holding a charge until it constructively became a landline as in completely tethered to the charger. Useless as a mobile phone.

They sent me another one that did the same thing even more quickly. You cannot replace the battery as it is permanently installed/unremovable. I was on my flight when I realized I did not bring my return envelope. So I called them.

Always they were going to send me a new envelope. Never got one and they refused to give me the address on the numerous calls I made to them asking for the address. They never contacted me; it was me contacting them about the so-called "new" (useless) phone to send to them. Today I receive this threatening letter from them about returning the phone.

Only address on it is the one they told me NOT to send the phone to. Those people are a bunch of *** They think they have "suspended" me. I kicked them to the curb a long time ago. Unworking phones equates to no received service and now they claim to have cut me off!?!

Seriously? I never got any reliable service in the first place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Lifeline Assistance Federal Assistance Program.

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