I have a few hundred minutes but no calls go through except calls to CUSTOMER Service. They go through right away.

I went to Rochester NY.

For the entire trip of 8 hours in the city, I had 5 calls out of maybe 25 calls I tried to make go through. the calls all had dead silence. The only calls that went through the first time and each time were CUSTOMER serviced who barely spoke English, repeated the question answer with the same question and then said they could do nothing because

IM on the PHONE.

I have called them and they have said I need to be close to a tower. I have given them address I call/Try to call from and there are towers at these addresses.

Their answer.."Really?"

ASSURANCE is part of VIRGIN MOBILE which resells SPRINT and for years has had the most Lax, Lazy, Clueless customer service people imaginable.

Sir Richard "Teeth, Hair, Air & Balloon Trip" should be ashamed of himself and investigated.

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