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It keeps say "Chrome" has stopped working. Then it goes back to the home screen.

When I try to send a text it says "Messaging has stopped working" then goes back to home. I cant even text on it. It also hangs up on the people I'm taking with on almost every call. I realize that these phones are for low income people but there just horrible.

I'd rather have the older ones to be honest. They weren't

"smart" phones but they were reliable and always worked.

Oh, and I dont wanna say I'm pissed, just very disapointed that poor people have no choice but to use these awful phones. TY for listening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I have one it does the same thing they sent me 5 this month December 2018 all defective my new one said framework and phone has stopped it all quit working tried to restart it went to start up screen wouldn't go any further cant take the battery out its really sad dec 17 2018 so tired it also keeps losing data and contacts it starts over and you have to restore if your lucky

to Henry #1614259

I hear ya! I'm hoping they'll get us better phones.

The ones we have are almost unusable. For now I'm just trying to put up with it.

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