My Assurance Wireless(Virgin Mobile)cell phone will not let me complete a call,or text,and whenever somebody calls me,I cannot hear it ring.I then went to the internet to find some kind of help/technical support and all I found was dead ends.The company(Assurance) website just wants you to apply for a cell phone! With my cell phone not working,I have no contact with the outside world,as I need to be in touch with my aquaintences.I feel that I am now stripped of my phone,and am desperatly reaching out for help.

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if you get a job you can pay for your own cell phone like I do

Portland, Oregon, United States #590277

I concur. I watched my minutes decrease even thigh I wasn't using them, and when I bought a top up card to avoid the 10 cents per minute fee they stated I would be charged when my minutes ran out, there was no way to apply them so I called customer service ( which is deducted from my minutes) to get help, they said they credited me tripling my minutes, yet it doesn't show in my account.

Now they want me to pay 10 cents a minute to call them to straighten it out?

Dissappearjng minutes, disappearing add on funds, and 10 cents a minute ... For a life line phone?

It's a goverment sponsored program!

Utter ripoff for the taxpayers twice over by Virgin Mobile! It's the same on all of the blogs.

Time for a class action lawsuit!

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