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It is early February and I was at a store near where I live in Camarillo CA. The Assurance Wireless rep was there, it was the same place where I got the first phone and signed up for Assurance Wireless.

BUT this time, he was showing 2 new phones. ANS L50APB, and Wiko ANSC 210APB.

The ANS L50 was a larger phone than the UL40. Talking to him, he said that they were now offering these phones because of all the problems they had with the UL40.

I think the ANSC 210APB is probably an upgraded phone that will cost you extra, I didn't have time to question him.

What is interesting is that ANS UL40 go for around $23 on Ebay, and the L50 is about $28 on Ebay. Both are used.

I could not find information on the L50 reliability, and the L50 I had in my hand had a bigger screen, but the spec's say it is also a 4" screen. Maybe the designation APB has something to do with it.

So it looks like there is another model ANS phone out there.

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I have the UL50. The problems with the UL40 is mild compared to the UL50.

The problems of the UL40 is carried over to the UL50.

Read my post about the UL50 and not being able to call the police. Google Framework problems is one of the major problems of the UL50.

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