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I would never have had Assurance if I hadn't had a large financial setback. After I got the phone and service, which is easy to get, I had headache after headache when I needed to add minutes after I had a couple emergencies that necessitated extra time.

The website never worked. I had to call each time and wade through customer service (sometimes with agents that had very thick accents, I don't have a problem with accents but there were a few I really struggled with, and also some that were rude, some that hung up with me). I finally had to port my number back out to another carrier. The added minutes and time to do this made this plan more costly than my original plan.

I had to port over quickly due to my Assurance phone being inoperable (phone also had lots of issues plus couldn't add minutes) and needing to have a true "lifeline." I ended up leaving almost $20 top off on my account that I was unable to use for minutes, and they then refused to refund it because "your account is closed," although when I called to port my number, they would not give me the option then either. The man on the final phone call said "Did you choose to close your account?

Yes, well then, it was your choice to close your account, so there is nothing I can do to refund you." So they kept almost $20 that was pure profit. And this is supposed to be helpful for poor people?

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Always pay with a credit or debit card. Then call your bank and dispute the charge.The bank will place the money back into your account and deal with Assurance Hopeless.

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