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Transfer my service

How do i switch my service to another phone


I've typed under #1663245 and have not received an answer as of yet.Type your message here


I have a faulty ANS phone which was issued to me by Assurance Wireless and I would like to transfer my services to a more workable ZTE phone or an older model Freedom Phone; both of which are workable and more suitable to my needs in a cellphone.Type your message here


Minutes enquiry

If I put $15.00 on my account now many minute does that equal to?


And phone

My phone will not download mms


new phone

I bought a new coolpad phone , cause my ul40 is not do I switch the sim card over


I want to get a different cellular phone. I have a FREE Android that Assurance supplied me with, but it's too complicated for me.

I need to go back to a regular cellphone. How can I replace this phone with another free one that is easier for a Senior to use?



Can I use this phone with assurance wireless it's a Samsung Galaxy J3 luna pro SM--5327VL andriod 6.01


My phone will not make or recieve calls . It says no sim card but their is a sim card in it

My phone will not work it will not make or recieve calls it says no sim card but there is a sim card in it. I need to know how to fix this


my phone will not make or receive calls. everything else works



Is my phone in the mail


return address and instuctions for broken phone

I am looking for return address and instructions to return damaged phone for Fred Collins (518)653-9071.


New Phone

I received my phone yesterday and got it activated with help from Customer Service, but apparently the phone number that my phone has already belongs to someone else. How do I get a new number?


Lost Phone

I had a Sprint Iphone 8 that I lost. It could not be traced and now I have no phone , but I believe the phone number 267-625-1325 is being used by the Assurant company or one of their Customers.

How can I verify this ? I know it is being used by someone who found it, sold it, or stole it? So, if Assurant is allowing it to be used - isn't that against the law to re-sell something lost/stolen? That's what I thought..

Please verify if this is a phone/phone # being used by an Assurant customer. TY Debbie hector /


Phone replacement

My cell phone is not working. Should I return it to you?


return damaged phone-address

where do i mail my damaged phone-i lost the box-i'll get one




I got my new upgraded phone today I got it turn on but i can findc the main page to call you to ACTIVATE MY PHONE....What do i do????

Bonnie Kewitsch

May 8-2018


CELL PHONE #: 218-209-5700


Retrieve trash

Want to retrieve trash at #804-475-3976


no service

my service stopped three days ago, i'm not the only one in zip code 92225, what's wrong


Tracking delivery of replacement phone

How do I recover the order number of replacement phone


Where are they giving free phones at around here 23435

They were giving free phones at the BP station on Washington Highway and Craddock Virginia so where they doing it now


Swapping phones

I have a Samsung Galaxy phone .....Can I use it instead of my Assurance phone????


my phone

my phone is out of air time a bought a top-up card can use the top-up to put time on my phone


How to unlock a replacement phone

I have a replacement phone that I cannot get unlocked. The phone no.

is 423-293-1646 Ser. No. 256691419203377257 When I press the power button, I get an amber alert and when I press ok, nothing happens. It does not dissappear.

The screen will only stay on a brief moment, then closes. ANS is shown on the bottom front. I have tried following the instructions on the pamphlet and also called customer service several times.

If you need another phone no. to reach me, it is 423-235-2135


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