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Assurance phone

Would not accept my E-mail .. Said to enter a valid E-mail address..

Why is it saying that? I have been using the E-mail address for a good while


launcher stopped message

I keep getting a launcher stopped message on my cell phone.


My phone

Shortly after i got my cell phone it didnt work what do i do


My phone service

My phone does not receive calls or outgoing calls nor receive or outgoing texts neither at all.


Same with my phone and I’m going nuts trying to fix it


Reapplying for assurance wireless

I just recently had assurance wireless and switched to tryout a new wireless phone but not happy can I switch back to assurance wireless


I have no address to send my broken phone.

I need your address


after completing my recertification at least 2 months ago i suddenly have no service on my phone with assurance wireless

i did the necessary recert with assurance quite a while ago and suddenly i have no service of anykind.those i know who also have add wireless acts have no issues.i am to believe that i was shut off for no reason!


I lost my phone


I need to change my phone #


After receiving in excess of 600 harassing phone calls, I would like to change my phone #. If this is not changed, I will be forced to change carriers.

Please respond by email, or contact me by calling my current # , 4192951131.


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