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Update by user Dec 23, 2018

Here's a copy of the email I sent to the manufacturer of this POS phone, Virgin Wireless, and Sprint. Please forgive the not so nice language to all 3 parties, it had to be,,, is a no-holds barred complaint regarding the UL40 phone.

Virgin Wireless and Sprint need to pull their heads out of the rears and find a reputable wireless manufacturer and demand that the phone can survive for several months instead of a couple of days.I do not have anything good to say about the piece of a sh%t phone the UL40, not anymore. This phone is a piece of *** It has more problems than every *** in the world past, present, and future that has JOHNS. In less than 1 month I have had several replacement phones for various reasons. With each telephone, I have had more than 11 problems and sending subscribers defective refurbished phone is ridiculous.

Actually, as far as I am concerned, it is a fraudulent activity. Here's a list of problems with this piece of *** phones.1) Cannot send or receive text messages. A very fast error message that is constantly blinking me to close the app and yet I cannot read the message.2) I cannot receive or make phone calls because the error message says that the phone app has stopped. Close app.3) The phone overheats.

I do not believe in putting the phone in the freezer, now I am seriously considering it. One phone got so hot that it burned my hand and I dropped the phone and cracked the screen. This is a major safety issue. 4) This phone is not charging properly.

It should not take 4 hours just to charge to 26%.5) While on the phone with my Dr, the phone rebooted and the call was disconnected.6) The phone will re-activate several times a day.7) One phone could not be activated8)The settings app error message pops up and says Setting apps has stopped. Close app.9) I cannot access the featured apps because it flips back to the home screen. I had to disable it.10)The sound recorder does not work. If you can record something, on playback the sound is barely audible.11) When making a call, the calls do not connect.

It rings to the point it will disconnect the call. The other party has a VM and this phone will not connect to it.12) When making a call, it does not ring to the point that the other party knows it is receiving a call.13) I have done a couple of resets and that solution only lasted a couple of days.14) While charging the phone, the battery will run out and the phone will shut down.

It takes up to 10 minutes for the phone to come on and up to 45 minutes for the screen to change from American Network Solutions to Assurance Wireless and then that is another 45 minutes to 1 hour. If there is a fire or if I need an ambulance or need to call the police I AM SCREWED.I am questioning why Sprint/Virgin Wireless continues to do business with a company that promotes quality wireless phones while in reality this a fraudulent fly by night scheme that is allowed to continue to do business with the Federal Government this allowed to rip off the taxpayers.**To Sprint/Virgin Wireless it has come down to where thousands of people who subscribe to your Lifeline program is wondering why government/legal action has not been taken against your companies.

Update by user Dec 18, 2018

Today I received the paperwork to renew my service with Assurance Wireless. Seriously?

Original review posted by user Dec 07, 2018

I am done with your POS refurbished phones. Your company has sent me 3 defective UL40 telephones and now the third one does not work. I cannot turn this POS phone on. It burns my face, ears, and hands. I cannot turn it on. I cannot receive or make phone calls. I already explained this to Jennifer that I should not have to walk nearly two blocks pressing the on/off button to get this questionable phone to come on. It has come down to Assurance Wireless aka Sprint is peddling unsafe and defective products. That action will be reported to state and federal agencies. When talking to your so-called customer care staff is a major joke. They do not listen, and when you ask for a supervisor they demand to know what is the problem. That is none of their business. I don't know about you people but I am sick and tired of repeating the same thing multiple times. When one asks for technical support the customer is denied.

I should not have to bother my neighbors several times a day to use their phone to contact you. I should not be forced to violate my HIPAA rights because of your fraudulent defective UL40 phones. What really *** me off is that your questionable company do not understand what safety issues that your defective phones create to your subscribers. Please do the ethical thing for once, get out of the Lifeline business. On a consumer website, there are over 650 victims of the UL40 who are having problems with Sprint aka Assurance Wireless solving safety issues.

Your so-called customer care wanted to sell me a phone instead of solving the problem. Another issue with your questionable customer care staff is that I was told to contact Google because my contacts did not download. I told your worthless customer care agent that my backing up my information was blocked due to a phone that was defective. I had to call back and demand a white American and that is something I did not want to do, but your staff brought that one. When I was finally transferred to tech support, I asked a question that solved the problem. Gee, was that too hard to do? I was also told by your fraudulent customer care staff member to purchase a phone upgrade. SERIOUSLY? REALLY? Is that the best your questionable company can do?

A series of complaints have been filed against your company regarding these issues with the FCC and a complaint will be filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Wtf Angry Bullshit

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, defective poducts, safety and hazard issues..

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The replacement phone has gone out as well. It is doing a major overheating tantrum now.

I cannot turn it on. I cannot receive phone calls.

It will arbitrarily call anyone in my contact list. I had to file another FCC complaint and now it will come down to filing complaints with the AG's offices in several states.

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