Assurance SUCKS. They are all LIARS.

Applied since 4/15/2014. I have been waiting for 2 month. I sent them application for 4 times!!!!!!

Customer service in Philippine site; They can't recognize each other; They can't transfer to those whom I talked before; Whenever they promise or guarantee you with something, don't trust them.

When I faxed 3rd application over to them, they wanted me to wait 7-10 days again for processing. After 7 days, I called them, they were saying it was receiving and processing so i have to wait 3 more days. After 3 days, I called them again, and they said reviewing was done but it was not updated because all cases update by Sunday, and they wanted me to call back on Monday. On Monday, they told me they didn't even receive the application. WTF!!! and wanted me to send another one with new fax number which was direct fax number (8004303987).

I faxed it over again, and after 8 days i called them again. FRANK, a worker, said it is reviewing and he escalates the case. He put my case as a priority and he gave me a case id number. HE guarantee me I can get either approval or denial by Friday (3 days after).

On Friday, I called them, but they are saying application was not received. WTF they are doing.

They just keep playing with me. Talking with Supervisor or manager??? It means nothing. Just keep saying "sorry about that. But there is nothing i can do. I will create new case then send us new application."

That's *** horrible. really. Never seen like these people.

Even there is only 1 number!! and there are spreading to all world. Even though we note their name, date, and time, they can't even recognize who they are. WTF

Even we can't complain to those who lie to me.


Federal government should know about it.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #904013

I faxed mine to that same alternate fax and they keep trying to say that number doesn't exist. I have a confirmation that says the pages were faxed and received.

I got the freaking number from them and now my personal information is somewhere unknown?

Supervisor? Joke.

"Please hold sir and I will get a supervisor". "Hey, who want to play supervisor for this guy?"

to fifty50 Portland, Oregon, United States #904017


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Assurance Wireless is a cell phone service for eligible low-income customers. It is a company of Virgin Mobile

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Eligibility varies by state. Upon determination of eligibility, customers can receive a free cell phone and 250 free minutes of wireless voice service every month.

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