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Called them asked about a new phone.(I just wanted a new phone),was told I was do an upgrade.They send phone,within 1-2 weeks,the battery goes.They tell me they are getting a lot of complaints about this phone (ans ul40).I received a new phone,about 7 days later,I received a another phone,the exact same as the one People are complaining about.Called to activate,was on phone for almost 5 hrs,not mins,hours.People hung up on me,people transferred me to different departments and none of them could figure out how to transfer my account from 1 phone to the other.finally I got someone to help me.I told them I do not want these dam new phones.Just switch my service to my old phone.He did.Now they are looking for the new phones back,which have to be sent in their special return envelope.which I asked them to send me.which I still have not received.Plus these phone were not new,they were used

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Upgrade.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I feel your aggravation, They actually wanted to send me a 6th phone! I chose to wait for a new sim card...that never got sent!

I waited a week and a days for nothing. I finally called, it hadn't even been sent! I have been without any service, and terrible service for 5 months now! And this GLOBAL, British Kingdom company (no headquarters in the USA), out-sources to the Philippines (doesn't even hire USA workers) is STEALING our USA government DOLLARS.

WHAT THE ____?

I quit them; so, they don't get another month's payment for NOTHING! CC Urban

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