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ANS UL40 haven't had the phone for 2 months and it won't turn on. These are supposed to be emergency type phones I can't imagine someone with an actual emergency that couldn't contact anyone or call 911 for help.

Need to get better quality phones they are out there and can be refurbished. I honestly don't think the ANS can be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: use my own phone. by the way you cant call me it wont turn on.

I didn't like: Cell phones are very low quality and unreliable.

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I have had 4 UL 40s in the past 6 weeks. They keep telling me that they will pretest the next phone before they ship.

But then I get another one get it registered and then try to make a call and it turns itself off. I turn it on, it immediately turns itself off. . I call them and go through the whole story AGAIN.

Only to be told that there are no other phones available for California, there are different phones for other states, but they did not know why. #5 is supposed to be on the way, it is 5 business days and I have not received an email confirmation that the replacement phone has shipped.

to AdeptYak557 #1630028

The phones are garbage I was on with their support department for several hours the phone was frozen, they could not come up with a solution to fix it, so they decided to send me another phone, the same exact phone, when I told the guy who barley spoke English that the phones where garbage he got pissed he took it so personally that you would have thought he invented the dam thing. Over the weekend I managed to get the phone working again.

Not that it will last long. After reading several posts on here I have to agree with those that want to do a class action law suite there is something seriously fish with the whole thing.

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