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so this is an update i found out that not only does this company covers my government phone they also cover my 3 phones that i have with T-Mobile. In my opinion i think because i posted my comments on this site that they didn't like it and because of it i found out that as of 08/2018 my insurance so how was gone.

I tried to file a claim and was told i had no insurance so i called T-mobile to find out why imagine my surprise when a supervisor told me she couldn't find any reason why my insurance was suspended on all three lines especially since two of the lines i didn't call them about. If it had been one line then i would say it's just a coincidence but all three is what i would call petty.

What would you call it i mean they're the ones with the lies and just because i voice my opinion i lose my insurance on all three phones come on now doesn't take a rocket scientist to see something isn't right for several months they have been doing nothing but lying to me for a government phone come on now if the phone is so free why make me jump through hoops to discontinue service especially since there site clearly shows that if you don't make at least one call or text service will automatically be discontinue and yet it's been months since i have used the phone and it's still on so i emailed them again and again and again asking why they haven't responded to my request to have my service terminated because they failed to explain to me why on the 3rd of each month the same day i get my disability check that i get a message thanking me for my payment and that my service is good for another 30 days . I was told in order to address my issue they needed some personal info which at the time i refused to give them so to put a end to the drama with this company i gave them all what they asked for so later on i got an email stated my service was discontinue imagine my surprise when i found out it was still on so i email again and was asked for the same thing again this time i told them i wasn't sending anything for the simple reason of what the law stated on there own site that my service should already be off so i told them i'm going to wait it out and if anything comes under that phone after i have asked so many times to disconnect my service that would involved any money i won't hesitate taking this matter to court and let them explain why my request has yet to be handle but don't it seems strange that they're making a big deal about something that supposed to be free inquiring mind wants to know why my opinion sound like a shady company to me what's funny is when i tried to file a claim after it was denied the rep had the nerve to tell me that i should have filed it under Assurant instead of Assurance under the name that's on the contract i had to laugh for her to say something so stupid or to think i didn't know both companies are as one since T-mobile put the insurance back on but not before i was out of 40 dollars it seem that since my (2) J7 wasn't working to my satisfaction T-Mobile did a warranty exchange for both phones and because both had no insurance at the time for the warranty replacement i had to pay 20 dollars a piece for each phone if i had insurance i would've only had to pay 5 dollars for each replacement i'm really contemplating suing them for my 40 dollars plus the cost to sue them in the first place but it might be hard because it's going to come down to whom the courts will believe but all i have is the emails and the replies but who know maybe that'll be enough these big name companies should be held accountable for there employees mistakes so will let you know what i'm going to do

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Insurance.

Reason of review: refused to discontinue cell phone service and to answer my question about a text i got about the phone.

Preferred solution: to discontinue service and to answer my question whether i'm being charged anything for the service.

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