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Assurance Wireless - Customer Care Review from Bellevue, Washington

Hello my name is Quinntresa Sadler, I submitted an application via online on October 8th 2016. I've called to check the status of my application and was told that they have received my application on 3 different dates. The initial call was made on October 24th, and I was told to call back in seven days as the back office team was reviewing my application to be processed. I called back in 7 Days on October 31st, and was told the exact same information. I was told to be assured that the back office team have received my application to call back in another 7 Days making a total of 14 days. I called back in 7 days, which is today, November 7th, it was told the exact same thing that the back office has received my application, and to wait another 7 to 10 business days and to call back. I don't believe this meets customer satisfaction, to be given the same information in 21 days and still have no resolution. Each time I've been assured that once I called back after 7 business days that my process would be handled. If there's any other information needed from me, I'll be glad to provide it but I've given you all 21 days to process my application and I still have no result. I even spoke with his supervisor, and ask to escalate the call to someone higher and was denied that request.
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