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I am a social worker at a long term care facility with 80 beds. Some of the residents want assurance wireless service so I gave them a call.

Assurance can't understand that more than one person lives at this address, have they ever seen a hospital? So anyways, they said that if they send out any applications for any residents then the residents who do get service will be dropped.

Wow that's awesome, so sick and elderly people are going to be denied because assurance wireless is too dumb to know what a long term care facility is! The people who need their service the most, the elderly and the handicapped are the people who they are getting tough with, I hope they fell good about this!

Reason of review: You are denying the elderly and handicapped .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This is ludicrous. They are the worst telephone company on the planet.

The government needs to stop sending the tax payers money to the Philippine's Call Center. Assurance receives approximately $9.00 a month for each client. Yep, $108 a year for each client. And although Assurance Hopeless services North America, most who are employed at that call center can not Read, Write, or Speak, English sufficiently.

I really think that they should be shut down. Fortunately, they're other companies that you can call that will service your patients. Google and get a list. Not all are as horrible as Assurance Hopeless.

I have contacted my attorney general, the BBB and others to complain about this company. Good luck to you and your patients.

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