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My ANS UL40 by Assurance Wireless will not stop installing apps... Under investigation I found that the culprit is in none other than SystemUI.apk-- as anyone with slight technical and Android knowledge knows to be one of the most crucial, integral parts of the devices firmware.

No, AntiVirus has been of NO USE. As in, AntiVirus has fixed nothing-- how could it without root access. And I can't even screenshot the issues because this piece of *** has no screenshot capabilities ENABLED.

Considering these viral apps have been included with the phone and unremovable in any form- I find the service provided poor and unjust. I redact my response to the Assurance Wireless review via text- because the true colors of the phones grotesquely poor security have been shown.

For the record, these following Apks have installed on their own and with no icon- essentially hidden as background service APKs:


-Option Mike

-Power Optimize

-Storage Optimize

-Games with numerous names.

I'm quite familiar with Android and have been using the OS since v2.2 Froyo-- I also have no use for the *** apps so I definitely don't install them on accident.

This is the ONLY time I have ever had an Android device plagued with Adware and Malware- over the course of owning more than 10 different other brands from LG to Samsung to even a Dopo tablet that performed better and was better secured. Disregarding the few reports of explosions from overheating... The ANS UL40 is a danger to any users privacy and sensitive information.

Think I'm a fake basher? Feel free to contact me formally.

Product or Service Mentioned: Assurance Wireless Mobile Phone Service.

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