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Users signing up with Assurance during the last part of 2017 are getting the ZTE Quest Android phone, though they actually list several other phones as being offered. The Quest is a cute looking phone but actually rather terrible, very slow, prone to crashes and freeze up, with a not very friendly version of the Android OS.

If you complain to customer service, they basically tell you the Quest all they have to offer, and if you don't like it that's simply too bad. However, if you're willing to PAY $25 to Virgin Mobile (which runs the Assurance program and is, in turn, owned by Sprint) they'll happily to sell you a Unimax U673c phone, one of the other models offered by them which they claim is unavailable! The Unimax appears to be slightly superior to the Quest, but seems to be a discontinued low-end Unimax product not even listed on their website.

A search of the web reveals only a few units on Amazon or eBay and NONE on Craigslist in any major cities! Stay away from the Quest and complain loudly when they tell you they're going to send you one!

Product or Service Mentioned: Zte Quest N817 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I was with Assurance wireless for a few years when they use to give us that tiny El Cheapo phone before they upgraded to the ZTE Quest N817 which I liked a lot because the Hotspot WiFi tethering worked great on it and never had the problems some had with their N817. I had the phone for a couple of years and then out of the blue my service was cut off and couldn't get any signal from the tower?

and I called support and they sent me a reconditioned piece of pure junk that wouldn't even boot up to the main screen. I was furious and contacted support again and told them about the phone and they told me I cant get another for a year and I told them to just delete my account and they seemed to be more enthusiastic to do that than to give me some lame excuse or reason why my N817 would no longer connect to the tower. I went on eBay and bought the LG-V10 which has a boot loop problem and it took me a couple different times to figure out what was causing the boot looping. The LG-V10 was new unopened and sealed factory box and unlocked to boot for only $139.99.

I went with T-Mobile because it was the H901 for T-Mobile and got the $45 a month plane to start with that has 4gb data, unlimited text and talk.

The LG worked perfect using the WiFi tethering and then I went with the $50 a month plan with 10gb of data. I also picked up a Nokia Lumia 530 Windows phone that is only a 3G but the Wifi hot spot tethering and everything worked perfect as well and I had it on the $45 a month plan to see how it did and it done as well as the LG-V10 loading pages on my Dell Laptops Wifi.


Well with further reading about the ZTE phone I need to buy for $25 as I was with assurance for YEARS. Yet It said we were going to get data added to the program and 9 months later I applied at Qwireless.

To take advantage of the internet I cancelled with assurace as it said if u were with another program just cancel and switch to them.

Mm I wonder if Assurance would consider me letting me reassign as I qualify both ways and get the better phone you are speaking about? Thank you for letting us be aware of this.


Assurance is possibly the worst program in the world. I tried to get onto another Lifeline program, but Assurance told me I couldn't.

I have the UMX which now they give clients the stupid ZTE...both phones are horrible.

I tried to get them to let me use a phone that I bought but they wouldn't let me. They won't do it.I can tell you that Assurance Lifeline (Virgin Mobile) has the worst support!

to Pamela Spears #1565605

they are the worst in the world...I hate them with all my heart mind body soul@! ONLY A FOOL WOULD STICK with them if they are even the only option I would rather NOPHONE!


Agreed, I had to use this phone for the past 7 months as my main phone and it is a genuinely the worst piece of tech I have ever owned. That includes those dollar store headphones that break after a day.

The phone is cheap, screen is cheap, the mic sounds like a potato wrapped in rice, battery is the worst and only lasts three hours before its dead, it overheats on youtube videos and the storage space is ONLY 1.7 GB.

Often when I plugged it in, The phone would put up a message saying that the battery usage was higher than the current.The volume rocker broke at some point and now occasionally it will drag the volume all the way down, and wont go back up unless you jam your thumbnail into the rocker and MAYBE it will go back up. The Android OS has crashed on itself more times than I can count, It would start playing my music at random and rapidly skipping through the music until I actually reset the damn thing.


I agree i got on it is terrable slow tries to get you to add all these programs is useless and hard to use a real piece of crap


The old school ZTE Quest is a piece of garbage! It lasted a few months and constantly froze up and is completely unusable.

I had to pay the $25 upgrade fee per the rep to get a decent phone, so I upgraded to the UMX 673. What a joke!! This is one of the worst phones since it is loaded with Adware & Trojans that take over your damn screen when you try and use your phone. I tried disabling the "gallery" which appeared to be the culprit but the ads continued.

It appears that this phone was pre-loaded with Adware at the mfg. The UMX 673 phone started to loop constantly and I called the ASSurance rep which after a factory reset this phone would not get past the start up screen.

So he agreed to sent out a replacement which is the new ANS 40. We'll see how that one works and I'll keep everyone posted..


The unimax phones are also garbage. I've been through 3 phones in six months..


Totally agree...this phone SUCKS!! it's free from qlink and worth even less than that!


Was worthless, now more worthless, if that was even possible. The two "updates" now cause it to crash when opening the browsers so you cannot even use it on WiFi and the free 1GB data is no longer accessible for over a month.

Plus the endless pop up that it is unable to establish a wireless data connection makes it next to impossible to even use the text feature as it covers the keyboard. Range is very limited and drops calls regularly and cannot get ANY service where others have 3 and 4 bars of signal.

When I can get a replacement, this one will be used as a target for my Mosin Nagant and recorded so I can rewatch its destruction with glee! Repeatedly.


This is the worst piece of *** "smart" phone ever invented. The Quality Control Manager at ZTE should have lost his job for rubber-stamping this. And Q Link Wireless - my provider - charged me $25 for this paper weight.


I have the N817 phone and it is a total piece of crap. I took all or most of the apps off so it would at least work half way decent but still is slower than my grandmother.

Before we even ordered the phone we I needed, I looked through their selection of phones. at QLink Wireless. They had several displayed but when you asked them for a specific one, they said it was no longer available. I asked about the others and they said they to are no longer available.

So they gave me this P.O.S. ZTE N817 Smart Phone, which isn't to smart.If you want a phone, you're better off buying one from Walmart, Target or Meijer.


I HATE The ZTE Quest...It Is Absolute Junk...It Freezes All The Time, and it is Just Plain SLOW...Half the time you can't even answer an incoming phone call because of how Slow the damn thing is...Pressing the buttons are like hitting the wall next to you. I just got them to agree to send me a new Smartphone...The ANS UL40....They tell me it's alot better...I guess time will tell....I can't imagine it being any worse than the ZTE...

to Metal Mike #1486765

OMG Mike. I just got the ANS UL 40.

This must be the worse piece of junk out there. Too many problems to even list here. I am getting rid of it, and I am getting rid of Assurance Wireless.

They say you get what you pay for, and since this is a free government phone, it it worthless. I would rather cut back on somethings that I don't really need, and pay for a decent phone, and good service, less problems.


What do you mean, "complain to customer service"? How did you contact a human???

to Angry #1565966

You don't!! I'm with you!!!


I agree that the ZTE Quest is a piece of CRAP! It's the worst phone I've ever owned.

On the 10 scale, it gets a 1 rating. I just cancelled Assurance Wireless, because of this rotten phone, and the equally awful Sprint 3G network that barely works.


Its sucks so bad its not funny day one i changed with the brand new phone and battery as well as the new charger they sent and its refusing to charge saying it is over heating the touch controls are the worst i have ever dealt with i mean it sucks so bad its not funny , I eh.. accidentally head butted it and it flew straight to the floor and its not broken so its at least usable as a reasonable weapon but otherwise its useless.

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